Monday, March 26, 2012

Congratulations to the STS120 Shuttle Discovery Crew!

Congratulations to the STS120 Shuttle Discovery Crew!

Congratulations to the crew of STS 120 Space Shuttle Discovery on their safe journey home! STS 120 did many good things. They brought Harmony up as a new module for Alpha.They brought Dan up to replace Clay on Alpha.

They moved the p6 Solar arrays from the S0 truss to its permanent spot attached to p5 truss. They worked a miracle and fixed the tear in the P6 Solar Array panels. Just the kind of thing that NASA does best turning unfavorable circumstances to a chance to succeed.

My best wishes for Alpha who have a lot of work to do before STS122. Sure they didn't get a chance to see about the Starboard SARJ that had a problem but its OK since they have enough power for now thanks to P6 working.

All my hopes.

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