Sunday, March 25, 2012

Using BlogTalkRadio to Distribute Story Readings

Using BlogTalkRadio to Distribute Story Readings

I'm considering a new method for distributing my stories via BlogTalkRadio. I'm starting out with the free version which means that I'll only be able to have 5 callers on the line at a time and also limits it to a 30 minute show. It also can't air from 7pm-11pm EDT.

I'm planning on working up to presenting my original stories by starting with my fan fiction Goddess of Exxor Universe stories. I plan to present 20 minutes of story and leave ten minutes for caller feedback and to tease the next episode. I plan on starting with a straight read of my stories and perhaps work up to a multi-voice with music and sound effects story as I start into my completely original stories.

;Since I'll be on a phone too for the live broadcast, I plan to pre-record the Story Reading which should be one chapter at a time. I'll have to see about chapter lengths and the time that it will take to record it to be sure. The end product of the broadcast will be available as a podcast. I'll let you know more about the details of receiving the program that way when this comes closer to becoming a reality.

I'll post updates of my progress here and will include Teasers including story run times so you'll know when the live portion of the program for comments comes up. While most of the chapters of my first story are uniform in length, I may have to do something different with the first chapter since it is longer since it contains an origin..

I'll blog more when I have more news on this new direction for my fiction. I've dreamed of having a podcast of my own and now it looks more likely that this will become a reality due to my having discovered blogtalkradio..

All my hopes,

Sasha Zarya Nexus

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