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Transgender Families In Depth On The Dr. Oz Show Today 3/29/2012

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The Doctor Oz Show today is about men, who have made the decision to become women, and the effects it has on their whole family. Oz will show us the inside scoop on the process of making a man into a woman when he takes us into the operating room to see a sex change surgery. This show is all about Health, Family Wellness and Anatomy and will feature Michelle Angello, PhD and Dr. Christine McGinn as special guests.
Being born the wrong sex is a problem many people live with on a daily basis. Some just go through life with what God gave them and learn to live with what they have been given. 

Others make the decision to change. It starts by living as the opposite sex.  This has severe consequences in some societies  and Transgenders are the subject of bullying and other forms of discrimination. A few people make the decision to have an operation that will turn them into the person they think they were born to be. This operation is painful and takes years of preparation. Oz will look at another aspect of this life changing decision and focus on what happens to the sons, daughters, and spouses when a father or mother decides to change sexes.
The Doctor Oz show airs at different times in different areas. Check your local TV Guide for the time in your area. If you miss the show, check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about.
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