Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flat Earthers: You can lead...

Flat Earthers: You can lead...

Once again I am confronted in life by a Flat Earther. These are usually religious but are not necessarily so. They are the most frustrating of the people to deal with in my life. You see they at least have had a personal encounter with a genuine transwoman in mundane life. This is unlike the merely clueless, who only know what they have been told or saw on TV second hand. That is not to say that just meeting a transwoman is sufficient to answer all the questions. However a more open minded person will examine and evaluate what they have been told in the light of new first hand information. The Flat Earther clings to their idea of the transwoman, rather than be guided by first hand experience and wears such ignorance as a badge of honor. They feel that it is better to be unenlightened than to change their belief in light of actual experience rather than dogma.

Those Flat Earthers see the miracle on how a life can be made whole as The One can guide doctors and therapists using modern medicine and therapy to help, and yet not believe that it is an actual physical condition. While one can write of Supernatural means of a physical transformation in fiction, the actual miracles that Doctors and therapists perform every day in liberating people to live the lives that they were intended to live is just as miraculous. One such fiction is "Joshua's Daughter" by Jo D Webster which I wrote. The miracle in this story is based on the story in John chapter nine about the 'man born blind' which I translated to the 'woman with a problem'. Since being a transwoman is a congenital real condition in that a female brain is part of an otherwise male body, I feel that it is a valid substitution.

  • The Flat Earther says that being someone born with a congenital problem (a transwoman) is a sin
    • Jesus said that neither the person afflicted nor that person's parents sinned.
  • The Flat Earther says that even if it is congenital, that you should leave things the way you were created
    • Jesus healed the person and made them whole
  • The Flat Earther says that even when they have the evidence before them of a person made whole that the miracle isn't real. They especially don't like anyone who challenges their flat earth ideas the way Jesus did.
    • Jesus picked up the person when those in authority cast the person in the streets. And the one to whom the miracle was given responded with an even greater expression of faith than the Flat Earther who claim to know everything.

In ancient days, the accepted fact was that the earth was flat. Eventually science thru later discovery debunked that fact and more and more proof was delivered up to the ultimate proof of having a look around the earth in space thru our satellites and thru our own eyes. People of vision and faith didn't wait on the proof but acted on it. That is where we are today in the middle of things. While there isn't a definitive test that just any doctor can order and the results taken as fact about someone being a transwoman, the scientific evidence points that way and that eventually the proof will be available to all. Even then the Flat Earther won't believe it because they are so vested to the status quo that they discard truth rather than have their little house of cards toppled.

You may lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. Neither can we make the Flat Earther to believe the truth. We can only be truth tellers and hope that one day that they may on their own decide to believe the truth.

All my hopes,

Sasha Zarya Nexus

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